T’is the season to be.. well accessorized?

Hey everyone! We just want to take the time to wish everyone a very merry Chrismas in advance, and also remind you of the hunt goodies available at the store! Two yummy yummy headbands, one vintage-inspired and the other with and edgy chrismas feel. You can get them both here. Hope you enjoy!

Vintage Bandeau, Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 gift (available ’till Dec 18th)

Biscuits and Gin bandeau, Peace on Earth Hunt 4 gift (available ’till Jan 3rd)

Happy shopping and happier holidays!
Love, the : FF : Team <3.

Les Temps de Glamour, Halloween Edition!

special edition of the mini tophat headband “Les Temps de Glamour” to help celebrate my fav holiday.
Delicate new spiderweb-inspired veil and hat in citrouille color (pumpkin, but it sounds fancier in foreign?).
As before you get two versions, one with little pearls lining the veil and the other simple, both in resize or mod versions.

Only 50L, so come grab yours!

Remember, there is no such thing as eating too much candy.
Love, the : FF : Team <3.

New teahouse and Swing @ .: FluiD Furniture :.

Hello lovelies!
We hope everyone is having an amazing summer… and on the theme of lazy afternoons in the sun, we come baring newness:

: FF : Shabby Teahouse

The name pretty much says it all. A cute little abandoned teahouse, carefully crafted to make it as low prim as possible: only 27 prims! Included accessories are a broken door and 3 old wall shelves, that you can place wherever you like.

: FF : { GreenTea Garden } Porch Swing

A sweet version of the classic porch swing,  textured with a lot of TLC! Only 21 prims and texture changeable with 4 different tones of wood. Sit by yourself and soak up the sun, or cuddle with someone cute.

Come try these out! Teleporter to the demo area right by the vendors inside the store.

Love, the : FF : Team <3.

Happy 4th of July, from .: FluiD Furniture :. <3

We left a little gift at the mainstore, hope
you guys enjoy it! It’s in a box next to the cash register.

Happy Independence Day my loves!
Love, the : FF : Team <3.

.: FluiD Furniture :. for The Summer Lovin’ Hunt

Rσyαl Liviηg Liƒεstγlε Mαgαziηε Prεsεηts

Thε SuMMεr Lσviη’ Huηt

>> July 2, 2011 – July 16, 2011 <<

~ OMG YES! Another Royal Living hunt. These are my absolute favorite hunts on SL, everyone always creates such adorable, epic items for them. In case you missed the last ones, here’s how it works; Every item in the hunt has at least a 500L worth, for only 45L. Now if that’s not a deal, idk what is.

For more info, SLURLs and gift previews please visit http://royallivingmagazine.wordpress.com/2011/07/02/royal-living-magazine-presents-the-summer-lovin-hunt-july-2-2011-through-july-16-2011/

You’re looking for a pink cupcake.
Come grab the GreenTea Garden set for only 45L, at the usual place!

Lots more to come this week, stay tuned for some very summery new releases!
Love, the : FF : Team <3.


Hello lovelies, hope you had a wonderful Easter!

New release at FluiD Furniture!! Well…. sort of.
– a brand new version of the popular Dinner4Two dining table, but like…. all kinds of prettier!

3 single sit animations, couples menu (dinner and dessert, if you get my drift) and a texture changing tablecloth, with 4 soft and elegant patterns to choose from.

Swing by the store and check it out!

Also, if you haven’t had a change to pick up your *free* “Duh, Winning” shirts, they’re still by the cash register ‘cos well… Charlie Sheen Day should be everyday!

Love, the : FF : Team <3.

New Releases + Diamond is Mine Hunt Gift!

Well hello there, lovelies!
We have a couple of things we want to show you today. Let’s talk accessories. Les Temps de Glamour is the new release from : FF :, a mini-tophat headband with a vintage feel and lots of well… glamour. Each color comes in two versions, with and without a lining of small crystals applied to the veil – they also come in modifiable or resize script versions so really, you get 4 headbands in each single color pack!
These are avaiable both in single color packs and three color packs.

And last but not least, gifts!! One of these puppies is yours to grab at the store, in a exclusive design specially for the Diamond is Mine hunt! Catch it while you can, for this particular headband is available ONLY for the hunt. Here’s a little sneak-peek.

The Diamond is Mine hunt runs from November 14th to 30th. More info, hints and gift previews -here-
Happy Shopping!!
Love, the : FF : Team <3.